Being married in the military is tough, even tougher as a member of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. There’s good reason fighter pilots and SOF operators have the highest rates of divorce in the military.  Type A personalties, exotic locations, travel, spouse home alone, pretty foreign girls, off-duty fun, add alcohol, and you have a recipe for divorce.

The US Military would be wise to make it harder for young, single service members to get married. They can start with pay and benefits.

Ever wonder why there’s so many young married couples in the US military? It’s simple – married service members get more pay and benefits than a single service member. The military creates a pay incentive that encourages young service members to get married as soon as possible. Get married and you make more money, and have the option to rent off base (post, if you’re Army).  It’s really that simple, and you don’t have to be an economist to figure out why there are so many young military couples.

I remember running into a young Navy couple in the early nineties at NAS North Island when I was stationed as a young Aircrew/Search & Rescue swimmer (before my SEAL days) with HS-6.