The Barrel

Wooden barrel with a hole (Photo by Ellienore Bradley via Unsplash)

A sailor reports aboard a frigate for his first at-sea assignment. The captain offers to show him around the ship. When they are done, the young sailor says,

“Captain, this is a fine ship. I’ve seen the galley, the mess, the berths, and sickbay, so I see the navy takes good care of its men, but what do we do about our sexual urges on these long deployments at sea?”

The captain smiles and says,

“Come on. I’ll show you.”

He leads the sailor to the forward anchor compartment and points to a large wooden barrel,

“You see that barrel over there with the hole in it? Go stick your d*ck in it. It’s the best sex you will ever have. I’ll give you some privacy and wait for you outside.”

After about 20 minutes, the young sailor emerges with a big smile on his face,

“You weren’t kidding, captain. That was the best sex ever! I could do that every day.”