According to a report by BBC News, Mariam Thompson, a 62-year-old U.S. Department of Defense linguist, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for leaking classified information to her love interest, a member of the U.S.-designated terrorist organization Hezbollah.

“A Lebanon-born U.S. citizen, Thompson worked as a contract linguist at an overseas US military facility, where she was entrusted with a top-secret government security clearance. During this posting in 2017, she became romantically involved with a man who said he had ties to Hezbollah and the Lebanese government,” according to the BBC report.

Soleimani Air Strike Leaked

Mariam Thompson was first approached by the unnamed Lebanese man in 2017. But their relationship grew to a more intimate one over the next few years as she presumably was groomed by the man to eventually provide the information he desired.

Following the U.S. airstrike that killed terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani in January 2020, he asked her for information on who was behind the strike. Thompson provided him the classified information.