Being a mom is a hard, but being a mom in the military is probably one of the hardest jobs around. Military moms juggle the normal mom things like work, getting kids to school on time, planning birthday parties, helping with homework, attending soccer games, dentist appointments, etc. However, military moms also deal with huge gaps of time away from their kids due to deployments and training, often watching their kids grow up on Skype and missing important milestones. This is a sacrifice all in its own.

That said, as a mom, I am grateful for having served in the military, because I think it has definitely made me a stronger, more focused mom. So to all of those military moms out there who feel guilty for not being there, over-stretched, over-worked, full of self-doubt, keep up the hard work and know your sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Editorial cartoon courtesy of Robert L. Lang