Speed has always been a crucial and quite rewarding aspect of our culture, society and the very simple process of determining what is good or bad. In the age of internet and fast food, all we need is here. Right here, right now, fast as a rocket, simple as walking.

Today a shooter’s tactical legitimacy is determined (often subconsciously) via his speed of movement and accuracy.  Whether it is who shot the fastest with a beeper or who eliminates and entire CQB kill house in the shortest time and the fastest speed, everything is subject to the final question: How fast are you bro?

The fast and furious mentality, which is largely entertainment-driven, penetrated slowly in the recent century into too many tactical concepts. Primarily shooting, combatives and CQB resulting in a complete disregard of many little pieces or micro critical milestones if you will, that are existing in the reality between the moment you perceive a certain visual input, to the moment you take a decision. We call it identification, the middle ground between cause and effect.

But first, what is identification in tactical context?

Identification – the condition of having the identity (of a person or object) established. It could be a figure (suspect, active threat, bystander) or a device (IED, obstacle, etc..).  Both have a common ground as they tend to be have strong impact on the progress as well as success of your task.”


Now ask yourself: in all this training you put down-range, say weapon manipulations or tactics, have you ever involved any kind of target identification principle or even process to it? Probably not, and there is the problem.


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