SOFREP spoke with the Robbie Hill, Director of Mission Volant, to find out how his organization is helping veterans.

Tell us about your military and professional background

I’m an active duty Marine of over 10 years, serving as a MV-22 Osprey Crew Chief, with multiple deployments, various personal and professional awards.  I strive to be the best Marine I can while not “drinking the Kool-Aid” that most want you to drink and even more succumb to.

What is Mission Volant, and what is their objective?

Mission Volant inspires, trains, and equips combat wounded Veterans with an adventurous skill set to use after their military service. We recognize that the adventurous life that we crave has been allowed to atrophy with the demands of combat-oriented service. More often than not, the things that we have “wished” to do become has-been dreams and never come about. We want to change that. After all, we are dying… and really fucking fast.

Our objective is to be the pinnacle resource for veterans’ needs in adventure. We have hand-crafted eight separate Veteran Adventure Therapy™ programs for every aspect of land, sea, and air adventurous sports. We want to enable Veterans to enjoy an incredibly adventurous sport, regardless of physical ability or mental barrier. It takes work, and Mission Volant stands poised to inject the equity it takes to make dreams become reality, regardless of circumstance.


How did Mission Volant begin?

Mission Volant began as an idea to break barriers with human flight. But, the more I achieved, the guiltier I felt. I began to see that if I focused my energy on helping veterans break their own barriers, then I would, in turn, feel true in pursuing the human flight barriers.

How is Mission Volant different from other veterans’ organizations?

In every damn way. We don’t hand-hold or coddle. There is a massive pressure front these days to feel sorry for Veterans, as if we are somehow messed up or inadequate. Fuck that. Our Veterans are some of the most capable, intelligent, and can-do citizens this county has to offer. Every staff and board member of Mission Volant is a combat Veteran. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it, too… With a big damn stick.

Are there any big events on the horizon for the organization that our readers should know about?

MV is always on the move. Goodness, if I could add us the airline points! Again, we walk the walk. In addition to our daily mission, we always “litmus test” our direction. We keep a True North bearing on our motivation, inspiration, and direction. In order to walk the walk, we show it. Mission Volant performs projects of inspiration to show our followers and supporters that we mean business and to inspire them to push their own boundaries.

Though I cannot disclose details at this time, expect a near future involving wingsuits and a whole lot of air.

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Anything else you’d like to add?

Mission Volant is a non-profit organization. Though we are dependent upon financial support for our success, we ask that you explore who we are and what we do before contributing to Mission Volant. We are in the business of transforming lives, one adventure at a time.

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