A recent study from MIT proposes that laser energy could be turned into a sort of “porch light” or beacon to attract a distant alien race to our planet. This comes on the heels of another study that claims that a cigar-shaped object called ‘Oumuamua found tumbling through our solar system may be an alien probe from another galaxy sent to scout the Earth.

In 1974, the Aricebo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico sent a powerful broadcast into space. It was a binary message that gave our location in the galaxy, our DNA coding, information on the chemical composition of life and even a helpful stick figure image of Man. Well, why not just give the aliens formulas for every chemical and biological substance fatal to the human species as well?

Don’t assume the cute little Cupcake People are interested in being friends.

These eggheads are trying to get us all killed. It is a serious mistake to assume, as they do, that just because a civilization is advanced that it’s also benevolent. Its advancement as a civilization in the first place probably came from a martial ability to survive wars and emerge victorious over its enemies.

Inviting such a civilization to find us is suicidal. Our own history has shown that when an advanced civilization (them) encounters a primitive one (us), the advanced civilization always wins and the primitive one is wiped out — gone.

The aliens we’re sending signals to, and want to light up our planetary porch light for, are likely thousands of years ahead of us. They would be right to look at us and think, “We were a spacefaring race while these primitive humans were still pooping in their hands and wiping it on their faces to attract a mate.” And as HG Wells wrote in the introduction of The War of the Worlds, “intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.”

Earth is a great prize.

And Earth is quite a prize. Space travel is an enormous undertaking for a civilization. It consumes vast amounts of resources.

Our planet is abundant in water and oxygen, which is in short supply in the rest of the galaxy. We have a nearly 800 mile wide solid inner core of pure iron surrounded by a liquid outer core that is 1400 miles of nickel-iron alloy. Unless you think aliens make spacecraft out of something other than metal alloys, our planet is a winning lotto ticket for them.

You have to imagine that a spacefaring alien race — or several of them — would establish bases to extend the reach of their civilization just as nations do here on Earth. And we would all be slaves working for that civilization, as it strip mined the planet. Or, worse, they would view us as troublesome pests, kill most of us, and keep a small breeding stock to display in their zoo’s or dissect and study in their colleges.

An alien race can take anything it wants from this planet and we would be helpless to stop it.

And we are inviting them to come do this to us? It’s insane. Earth’s only defense — its only hope — is to be unfound. We need to be a tiny floating speck in the galaxy that giant lizard-like aliens never notice, as they search for planets with exploitable resources so they can expand their reach and dominance.

If we are going to broadcast anything into space let it be movies that show us as an advanced war-like race that takes no crap from anyone. Let’s get the aliens hiding from us, because I’m telling you, when that alien race sees their beamed first episode of “I Love Lucy” from the 1960s, they will come here and kill us all.