“I don’t think there’s one f—– Navy SEAL who could survive a week training with me; I’m kind of sick of seeing it, cause you guys think you’re bad—, come train with me for a week; I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll f—– break you”

Can you believe the cojones on this guy?


This video is nuts for two reasons the more I think about it. I can see how Strickland is cocky as hell. He gets views for this kind of stuff, which can translate to free publicity (like I’m giving him right now), which can turn into dollars in his pocket.

I have one question: who is the dude claiming to be a SEAL calling Strickland out? I could only find out that he goes by the screen name “mightywarrior2024”. I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t seem quite right here. Where the hell is Don Shipley when you need him?

For the one or two of you who may not recognize the name, Shipley was in Teams for 24 years, retiring as a Senior Chief in 2003. In his retirement, he has made a career of tracking down and exposing posers claiming to be SEALs. Shipley has been a special contributor to SOFREP in the past and has been quoted here as saying,

“…the FBI estimates that there are 300 SEAL Impostors for every living Navy SEAL. Verifying at least a dozen and often over 20 fraudulent SEAL claims each day, I put the number much, much higher than 300.”

For the record, I’m not saying that the guy in the Strickland video isn’t a SEAL; I’m just saying I’m not sure. Again, if you know who he is, drop me a note in the comments.

As if the video above isn’t outlandish enough, watch this one below, where he calls out David Goggins by name. Now, we all know Goggins and know he is, or was, most definitely a SEAL, whatever you may think of him personally.

To Goggins’s credit, he didn’t take the bait and didn’t respond to Strickland’s outlandishness.

What do you make of this whole strange, somewhat lowbrow mess?

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