Hey everybody, after significant testing on August 15th, we discovered a serious bug between the iPhone 4s and our commenting system, so we had to revert our mobile updates. We’re looking into this but it will be a few days before we can resolve it. 


This will be a more sophisticated version of the mobile templates we used on SOFREP originally, and we hope you’ll find them to be very fast and easy to use. If you happen to notice any bugs, please log them in the Comments section of this post.

SOFREP Dev has worked hard to ensure a great experience for our mobile readers on all fronts – reading, commenting, logging in, watching videos, joining, all that stuff. Forums even work – they look a little busy on my iPhone 4s, but they work just fine.

Also, regarding website updates and notifying you guys, we like to keep you informed as we go. I’m not trying to be like Microsoft in the early days (build it, launch it, test it…), we’re just a small team working a schedule imposed on us by a Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor. I think I’ll create a ‘Website Errata’ or ‘Release Notes’ channel to keep all subscribers informed of what’s going on moving forward.

Upcoming Releases

  • Sponsor People (you wanted the ability to sponsor friends and military folk, and we’re going to give that to you)
  • Membership Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Annual Membership Renewal


(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS: Staff Sgt. Joshua Kruse, 64th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron pararescue jumper, performs a communications check on equipment prior to liftoff at Joint Base Balad Sept. 25, 2009. The team conducts highly specialized missions in the area of responsibility, and is deployed from Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base, England.)