A zealous band of counterspies attempted to flush out a ghost in the dark under a blanket of secrecy so thick, that those who needed to know; knew nothing. A mole hunting unit was thrown together, as haphazardly as a ‘hey-you’ military police call [clean-up] detail – “Hey you, with the face, shut up and start police calling this area,” or in this case, kit-up for a mole-hunt.

A security services-led detachment loaded up several details of swiftly assembled groups of soldiers for a hunt by the moonlight, while regional communications from cellular phones to internet connections were turned off at their sources. Local commanders were informed that an imminent threat was set to strike at any moment, assuredly, some kind of terrorist.

Albeit, ‘terrorist’ has evolved into a very vague descriptor. Yet, an immediate, known-unknown threat was announced, leaving law enforcement and military officials postured for the worst of anything, and from anyone. The facts were only known to the security service agents who were running the operation, and they opted to remain vague. Although, the orders from the security services were paramount and superseded the military.

Keeping up the act-now, think-later pace, security service agents swiftly assembled bands of impromptu spy hunters from the ranks of the units of the regular army, which they just launched into high alert-chaos. These soldiers, were on-the-spot temporarily reassigned and off on another witch-hunt, or possibly a training exercise, as far as they knew.

Nevertheless, everyone locally involved was destined to perform a series of events that may very well launch an extremely bloody war.

By dawn, on the third day, the shroud was partially dropped following a heavy-handed Federal Security Services (FSB,) and Main Intelligence Agency (GRU) operation that could have only been planned under the authority of vodka-soaked paranoia.

A bear’s service

In Russian-occupied Crimea, Ukraine another fine example of arming and empowering the inept took place earlier this week. A fresh yet historically similar half-cocked plan has played out in disaster. To grasp the standard operating procedure of mission chaos, one has to grasp a Russian cultural understanding, as in, ‘you do a bear’s service.’ This means that even with the best intent and motivation; you’ll get the worst. For an example, you are going to mow the lawn – a tree falls on you as you walk to the lawn mower -you’ve done a bear’s service. It was under the influence of that attitude that this mold-hunt gone mad was concocted out of anger, boredom, vodka, and a desire to get to noticed to be promoted.