The phrase “Molotov cocktail” conjures the familiar image of someone – most likely in civilian clothes – ready to throw a bottle stoppered with a flaming cloth. Molotov cocktails are now associated more with protests and riots than military actions. However, the famous cocktail that no one wants to drink originated as an anti-tank weapon around WWII. 

But who was this Molotov, and why would he want such a dangerous drink? Of course, the answer is he didn’t, and the name actually came many years after the original cocktail was created.


Playing With Fire: How a Molotov Cocktail Is Made

YouTubers at Ordnance Lab made a video about recreating the “original” Molotov cocktail, but had to edit and repost it after the video was removed by YouTube. The story shows some of the legal problems that come with playing with explosives.