The President Elect’s National Security Council strategic communications director has a bit of baggage; Soviet Union baggage for one.  Monica Crowley posted this picture on Twitter recently:

I’m surprised she didn’t snap some pics Auschwitz and post that death camps work too.  There is nothing wrong, or unpatriotic, about calling for increased border security but Crowley’s support for a communist social and physical construct used to divide the German people, namely by trapping East Germans behind the iron curtain, is nothing short of disgusting.

Life under the communist system was so horrible that millions of Germans defected from the East, prompting the Soviet Union to build the wall in 1961.  Crowley’s comments are a slap in the face to the German people, the US military, and every other Western power that fought against the red menace.  One of President Ronald Reagan’s finer moments was during his 1987 trip to Berlin where he demanded of the Soviets, “tear down this wall.”

Furthermore, her claim that walls work finds a poor example in the Berlin wall.  Parts of it were quite porous.  Thousands of East Germans escaped over the wall to the free world, many of them being gunned down by communist border guards in the process.

Perhaps Monica, who is a frequent Fox News guest, is just ignorant or not that bright.  A little bit of research seems to indicate a bit of both.  Proof that she plagiarized her PhD dissertation, her book, and articles has emerged.  It seems that she doesn’t do her own work and has some problems with ethics.  In regards to the plagiarism, a spokesmen for the Trump transition team told CNN, “Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country.”

Monica should not be credited by labeling her as a communist or a sympathizer.  In reality, she seems like a air-head with a room temperature IQ and a PhD based off of plagiarized material from others who are far smarter than she is.  Maybe in past administrations the apparent support for America’s enemies or outright plagiarism would have disqualified Monica from the job.  In today’s post-factual world where feelings are more important to people than facts, Crowley will be ushered right into a job where she has to effectively communicate American strategy for the White House.

With American facing threats from every direction and new flashpoints threatening to boil over, what could possibly go wrong?  I’m sure we will all sleep soundly knowing that highly qualified people such as Monica Crowley are at the National Security Council.