According to the Department of Justice press release, nine Naval officers, including Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and Captain David Newland, chief of staff to the Commander of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, were indicted on charges of conspiracy, bribery, and other charges in relation to an ongoing case against Leonard Glenn Francis. “Fat Leonard” or Leonard Glenn Francis owned Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) and allegedly stole tens of millions of dollars from the US government. The indictment stated that GDMA primarily operated in “Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, and the United States. GDMA’s main business involved “husbanding” 14 vessels, a service it had provided across the Seventh Fleet’s AOR (Area of Responsibility) under various contracts with the U.S. Navy for over 25 years.”

A 2007 photograph shows Adm. Mike Mullen with Francis. (Image courtesy of Washington Post)

The nine officers indicted yesterday bring the count of people arrested in the case to 25 (20 Navy personnel and 5 GDMA executives). All those indicted allegedly took part in trading military secrets for sex with prostitutes, expensive dinners, money, expensive gifts such as cigars and cognac, and travel expenses. The indictment also stated that some of the Navy personnel arrested mishandled classified information but did not allude to the type of information compromised.

The Soviets couldn’t have penetrated us better than Leonard Francis,” said a retired Navy officer who worked closely with Francis and spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid reprisal. “He’s got people skills that are off the scale. He can hook you so fast that you don’t see it coming. . . . At one time he had infiltrated the entire leadership line. The KGB could not have done what he did.”- Washington Post

Francis would throw huge parties on his boat, Glenn Braveheart when Seventh fleet vessels were in port.