What the media hasn’t reported is that four more SEALs have been reprimanded by WARCOM out on the west coast for being roped into consulting on EA’s Medal of Honor (MOH) video game.

They were masted this week by the Commodore. Two Master Chiefs and two Senior Chiefs, formerly of DEVGRU and in high profile positions in the Training Detachment Command (TRADET).  Apparently all were given special evals, and stripped of current leadership duties. Not a great way to end a 20 year career but in my opinion they should have known better. Their only option for staying in will be to take a hardship tour, and this may be a good way to get back in the good graces. One of the Senior Chief’s is apparently getting out.

When I was a chief I would never have thought it was a good idea, let alone allowed, to go consult for Hollywood.  Also ironic, is that DEVGRU has been the most outspoken about guys like Chris Kyle, Luttrell, and myself writing books and being SMEs in the media. The same group has been responsible for the greatest betrayals our community has ever seen.

Please keep this to the Team Room only.