Instead of usual ultra skinny runway models, Vogue actually featured real women…women currently serving in the military. So much focus has been on the possibility of women serving in Special Operations Forces, it is nice to see images celebrating women in the military in their everyday life. While the article leading into the gallery introduces the images with the previous Sec Def’s decision to allow women in SOF, the photographer Jackie Nickerson captured women playing an integral part of the military outside of the spotlight.

At a moment when the world order seems to be shifting in unpredictable ways, there’s a special resonance to Jackie Nickerson’s images of some of this generation’s crop of women warriors, stationed on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Honolulu. Nickerson described the service members she met as confident, upbeat, incredibly polite, and utterly self-assured. “These women are fantastic,” she said. “I wanted to make pictures that empowered women, that captured women who were strong, who are part of defending the USA. They did not disappoint.”- Vogue

Here are a few of the images below:

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All images courtesy of Vogue