I love to read, but I can say I never dived deep into Tom Clancy’s books. I often found him too wrapped up in the details and his pacing too slow. I can see the appeal, especially among military nerds. Even though I was never a Clancy fan, I was a fan of Without Remorse. Clancy’s books often deal with these huge plots full of political intrigue and high stakes. Without Remorse did not, it was a rather small story in which there were no world-shifting consequences.

Without Remorse told a story of vengeance and what happens when a very capable man runs across some very bad people. It’s the origin story of John Clark the Yin to Jack Ryan’s Yang in many ways. We see where John Clark came from and how he became the badass we know him as.

When Amazon announced it would be creating a Without Remorse film, and I was stoked. Since the Jack Ryan series was fun, and I was excited.