MSG Hasenbein, a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, is being charged with assaulting a roleplayer employed by F3EA during a training exercise. Master Hasenbein’s attorney has filed a Defense Motion to Dismiss his court-martial for Unlawful Command Influence (UCI) and moves that the court dismiss all charges and specifications with prejudice.

The charges against Hasenbein stem from a training exercise that took place at Fort Knox on March 22nd, 2019. MSG E and SFC B were both present during the exercise in question. Not only were they eyewitnesses to MSG Hasenbein’s conduct, but both were involved in handling the complaining roleplayer witness during the training. It is undisputed and was reported by multiple witnesses that if a roleplayer was uncomfortable with anything going on, they would use the safe word “real world,” three times. The safe word was never uttered by the roleplayer although he was asked by multiple senior NCOs if he wanted to use it.

A/1/5 operators with the roleplayers during the incident. 

SFC B and MSG E wrote in their statements that the roleplayer in question was not cooperative. SFC B describes the roleplayer as breaking two different pairs of cuffs during his resistance and that he and multiple other team members asked the roleplayer if he was ok and if he wanted to say the safe word. SFC B says that the roleplayer gave him a definitive negative response. SFC B states that the roleplayer then broke free of his cuffs again; he then tackled the roleplayer. At that point, SFC B states that he could see that the roleplayer was hurt and asked him again if he wanted to say, “real world.” SFC B indicates that the roleplayer was using all of his might to resist the team.

MSG E wrote in his statement that the roleplayer was non-compliant and that he had to struggle with him to get him restrained. He also writes that he witnessed MSG Hasenbein strike the roleplayer one time to help control him. MSG E writes that he asked the roleplayer if this was “real-world, real-world, real-world.” He states that the roleplayer did not respond, so he continued to restrain the roleplayer while asking questions.

On September 9th, 2019, Major General Brian Winski issued General Officer Letters of Reprimand to MSG E and SFC B. The letters of reprimands listed “failing to intervene in the assault of a role-player…” Furthermore, both letters stated the following:

“[y]ou also misrepresented your actions and the role-player’s use of the safe-word and plea for help in a sworn statement to an investigating officer, CPT K, on April 12th, 2019. You stated the role-player never used the safe word, even though you knew that to be false, and failed to state the role-player expressed distressed during the assault.”