As America waited breathlessly for the much anticipated new uniforms for the United States Space Force, the Twitterati were hard at work on social media. Everyone had different uniforms all picked out. 

Of course, the Star Trek and Star Wars uniforms for the Empire (the Resistance looked like a bunch of rag-tag dirtbags) were the favorites as they both have huge followings on social media, on television, and in the theater. But the command of the Space Force opted for none of those things, they went with (gasp!), current camouflage uniform worn by the Air Force and Army. 

 The world of social media trolls was outraged. How dare they opt for something so boring. So, unoriginal, so fucking earthbound. Don’t they know that despite that 10th-grade education, Google makes instant aholes…err experts of us all, and yes, as a matter of fact, I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night!  

C’mon, are we going to play Space Force Infantry on Mars? Even still, our current camo uniforms will stand out, besides the fact that big bulbous helmets reflect the light too much and are totally uncool. Nope, that has to go.