Read Murder in America: How cops may have caught the most prolific serial killer in US history at a homeless shelter (Part 1).

A 2012 arrest of Samuel Little on narcotics charges at a homeless shelter in Kentucky resulted in a DNA match for three unsolved Los Angeles murders. Now, Little has claimed to have killed as many as 90 people. With three consecutive life sentences ahead of him, it seemed possible that Little was simply trying to gain some notoriety with his claims… that is, until the FBI and Texas Rangers began corroborating his testimony with unsolved murders. So far, law enforcement has linked Little to at least 34 murders, with many more investigations still ongoing.

“He remembers where he was, and what car he was driving,” an FBI statement said about his claimed slayings. “He draws pictures of many of the women he killed.”

Samuel Little (Wise County Jail)

“Over the course of that interview in May, he went through city and state and gave Ranger Holland the number of people he killed in each place. Jackson, Mississippi — one; Cincinnati, Ohio — one; Phoenix, Arizona — three; Las Vegas, Nevada — one,” said crime analyst Christina Palazzolo.