Editor’s Note: It’s hard to believe that one of the hardest men to have ever graced this Earth, SEAL Team Six founder Dick Marcinko, has been gone for nearly two years now. In this piece, SOFREP Founder and CEO Brandon Webb remembers him fondly–GDM

I first met Dick at one of the most unlikely places I would have guessed to meet the first Commander of SEAL Team 6, the hipster elite lobby of the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. SOFREP had flown him in for a special interview and book signing event.

Dick was older, in his late seventies, but he still had the shine in his eyes and a presence that most hard men have. It is the kind of steely-eyed look you would guess an old west gunfighter would have. Dick was a guy who sat at that card table of life and death and dealt the Ace of Spades face-up to more than a few people.