Eleven people have died, with five more currently hospitalized, after contracting an unidentified illness at a funeral in Liberia.

Because the nature of the illness has yet to be determined, it cannot be confirmed that the victims all contracted it while attending the funeral for an un-named Christian leader in the Western African nation, though it has been verified that all seventeen dead or hospitalized patients were present at the event.

“We don’t want to be specific as to the funeral being the reason for the death. We are still investigating and putting our acts together to know what happened,” Sorbor George, communication director for Liberia’s Ministry of Health, told the media.

If the illness can indeed be tied to the funeral, the ramifications may be far-reaching, as it was attended by people hailing from as many as six different African nations, meaning the unidentified, but highly deadly, disease may have already spread well beyond the Liberian borders.