There’s something about Ukraine that produces heroes.

Before Chris Kyle, American Sniper, there was Ukraine’s very own Lyudmila Pavlichenko, arguably the most accomplished sniper of the 2oth Century, if not today, credited with killing over 309 Nazi Germans. Lyudmila silenced the gender debate around male vs. female snipers when she sent hundreds of Nazis straight to hell at the business end of her sniper rifle.

The modern-day sniper is one of the most effective tools on the 21st Century battlefield. Nowhere will you find a better return on investment when it comes to affecting enemy psychology and driving up KIA (Killed in Action) numbers than when it’s through the shooting glass of the sniper. There’s also very little collateral damage in direct comparison to Obama’s drone wars.

Fast forward from Pavlichenko’s WWII to modern warfare and battlefield 21, and there’s a group of female fighters who are picking up where Lyudmila left off. I’ll save the Kurdish female sniper story for SOFREP Editor Jack Murphy, who’s working it up right now, freshly back from Syria.