While it may not be uncommon for people to wish for a “white Christmas,” the record snowfall that hit the region surrounding Erie, Pennsylvania over the holiday likely left many wishing for the snowfall to stop instead.  With snow coming down at a rate of over three inches per hour, Pennsylvania’s fourth largest city found itself buried under more than four feet of snow on Tuesday, and now the Army National Guard has been called in to help dig them out.  Even after record shattering snowfall on Monday and Tuesday, meteorologists are now predicting as much as one to two more feet may still be falling.

With more than 58 inches of snow falling in some parts of the city, officials continue to ask that civilians stay off of the roads and highways throughout the region.

Roads are dangerous and impassable,” police said on Facebook. “This is an incredible amount of snow that we’re trying to move and (we) appreciate resident cooperation. Residents should stay off of City of Erie streets until it stops snowing, and we can get the roads open.”

Because of the impassable roads, officials have grown increasingly concerned about the capability of first responders to reach citizens in need of help.  Many people have reported that the snowfall is so heavy that the roads become impassable again only hours after plows pass through an area, prompting fears that ambulances may not be able to manage the heavy snow.  As a result, the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf (D), has declared a state of emergency, and National Guard vehicles are being brought in to supplement emergency services.