An American woman was shot and killed in the Capitol yesterday. The circumstances haven’t come to light but an American shot another American over election unrest. That much is clear.

Recently, I wrote about my experience and shock when returning from the war in Afghanistan to find that our “leaders” in Washington had, under the guise of “terrorism,” conveniently ignored fundamental parts of our Constitution.

Spying on U.S. citizens with wiretaps and social media feeds. Holding prisoners in indefinite detention offshore in order to strip them of due process and their rights under the U.S. Constitution.

A drone strike that killed a 16-year-old American boy who was visiting his grandparents in Yemen (his father just happened to be Anwar al-Awlaki).

I compared our current political party duopoly to an aging mustard green, beer-stained, shag carpet that needs to be ripped out and replaced.

To add to the mess, most of the mainstream press has tossed out any sort of journalistic integrity for sensationalism.

It’s a sad day for our Democracy that is starting to fray at the edges.

We become increasingly divided and lose trust in our current political leadership that is so out of touch with its own electorate. Career bureaucrats, isolated in the halls of power, are exempt from healthcare, education, and income issues that the bulk of an American population is dealing with. And $600 dollars of stimulus isn’t going to cut it.