(For my Dad, George Edward Hand III, and my son George Edward Hand V)

“Enough is enough. One is too many,” said Representative G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina. “The Department of Justice must aggressively pursue investigations, indictments, and yes, prosecutions against any and all law-enforcement officers who harm or kill innocent, unarmed African-American citizens.”

I’m a civic-minded, environmentally respectful fellow, yes I am… or at least I do so fancy myself. I am aware of and keen on the health aspects of our environment as a private citizen, and as a professional I’m aware of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) requirements, as well has basic governances of laws where they pertain to real estate and the environment.

Imagine then, both my shock and chagrin at the news that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been rioting in the streets of Charlotte, NC, following the fatal shooting of 43-year-old brother Keith Scott by by Charlotte PD. What is the bureau’s beef with PD anyway, let alone the PD of Charlotte NC, of all places. I mean we all have heard of intra-bureaucratic mission scope creep… but this is off the hook!

Ok enough levity, but as God (that’s right God) as my witness, and I am loathe to admit it, but back during the days of the Michael Brown Ferguson, MO shooting of August 2014, I seriously thought that the newly formed Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement stood for Bureau of Land Management, as I was accustomed to the acronym BLM. I was an ass back then folks, but a well-meaning ass… and if the coveted Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was going to disjoint at the seams… well, I was going to have something to say about it!


My day of enlightenment was filled with the horrific vision of all the critical letters of protest I had sent to the Bureau of Land Management that were too late to be retrieved. The thought of going to my mailbox horrified me beyond any other possibility, for fear that I would actually get a response from the BLM… and would be further compelled to read it.

Ferguson MO has become the birthplace, the Mecca, of the clumsy Black Lives Matter movement, a notion noble though in its inception, a miserable and dangerous failure in its execution.