The U.S. Navy has invented a device that promises to revolutionize Close-Quarters Combat (CQB).

The Room Breach Digital Sensor Alert Device (RBDSAD), a combination of an LED light and sensor, is able to mark and monitor a room that has been cleared by friendlies. But the revolutionary part comes in its ability to alert operators if an enemy has entered a room that has already been cleared.

Additionally, the device is able to take photographs or capture video of the room and transmit it to the operators who might be elsewhere on the target building.

Currently, the military and law enforcement SWAT teams utilize chem lights to mark a cleared room, a practice that began in the 1990s. But there are a couple of downsides to this method: a) in the heat of the battle, operators will often forget to drop the chem light; b) it offers a false sense of security once operators re-enter a cleared room — bad guys could have crept back in without touching the chem light.