What thee hell is an NFT?!

Private Pile?!

Sir yes, sir! AN NFT IS…

In layman’s terms it’s something digital that’s unique: you own it and can prove ownership via your encrypted property rights thanks to the blockchain. It can be digital art, collectibles (rookie baseball cards), and more. Digital art has sold upwards of $70M for one original piece. NFT is the future of art and collectibles for sure.

The biggest marketplace is called Open Sea.

To view my collection of book covers for auction on Open Sea click this link.

I decided to run my first auction for the original book covers of The Red Circle, Among Heroes, The Killing School, and The Making of a Navy SEAL. These are each one of one and can be held and sold by the lucky bidder at a later date.

It may go bust or I may get some crazy Chinese or Japanese billionaire crypto collector of Navy SEAL artifacts to go gangbuster.

BUT!!!! There is only one way to find out, run the auction and let the bidding begin!

To set up an account on Open Sea you need to open and fund a crypto wallet. I personally use Meta Mask which walks you through the setup. Once your wallet is set up you can fund it with a debit card and buy a cryptocurrency.

Below is a great video of how to connect your wallet to Open Sea for bidding on auctions. Don’t feel bad, I had to knuckle drag myself through this!

You can also trade NFTs, re-sell them, auction them off, gift them, re-gift them, and more! It’s actually super cool once you mess around and see some of the interesting things going on in the future of art and collectibles.

If you learned something please share this article and comment below and thanks for checking out my first auction!