I’m a gear junkie. I used to sew my own kit in the Teams, modify my uniform pockets (45-degree angles), sewed my own belt, and more.

I raised my hand this year and wanted to pass on my knowledge and favorite items and do a gear guide that wasn’t canned. A LOT of gear guides are just gear sponsors paying to be in a “guide.” This is a,  hold my beer… “No shit, there I was!” gear guide. Been there, done that, and have the scar tissue to prove it.

Most of the ideas on my Father’s Day gift guide I own myself. They should also help the ladies buying for men this year. Any man will lust for anything on this list.

I’ve also included a budget-friendly second choice if the item is overly $$$.

Ok, helmets on, let’s go.

Emerson CQC-7BW


Every man needs a good folder. The Emerson will last you a lifetime and never leave you hanging. I’d get the serrated edge option.

You can purchase it here.

Spyderco Dragonfly


Japanese + Samurai stainless knives = happy dad. I’ve owned many Spyderco knives and for that money, you can’t beat them.

You can buy them here.

Panerai Luminor Submersible

Every man needs a great timepiece.

I recommend buying used watches used with their papers. For value, I buy cars, planes, and most watches used.

This is an older badass submersible I found on Chrono24; its asking price is $5,800.

I own several of these and have literally beat the shit out of them surfing, diving, and wrenching on airplane engines.

The Panerai brand is also rich in military heritage. It has built rugged diving instruments for the Italian Navy (and their Frogmen AKA SEALs) since before WWII. The company also has a dirty underbelly as it made timepieces for the Nazi divers too. Before you light the torches, most German brands we love — like, BMW, Mercedes, and others — did so as they had no choice.



Few watches can claim that the founder is a Navy SEAL, and Smitty, a great guy, is also a watch fanatic himself. The SEAL DNA is alive and well in these watches. RESCO has made watches for many military units including SEAL Team Six/DEVGRU (I’ve seen the models, and they’re badass). The thing I love about a RESCO is that they draw stares and most watch collectors will know it’s a good watch but will not be able to ID it.

You can buy the watch here.

Tanner Goods Dopp Kit

I’ve used a metric shit ton of Dopp Kits and the best one by far for usability and packability is the Tanner Goods waxed cotton kit.


You can purchase it here.

Patagonia Black Hole 40L Roller


I have used this bag for over five years. The past year I’ve lived out of this bag and my backpack. It’s carry-on friendly, water-resistant, rugged as fuck. As importantly, it has rugged wheels (most dainty airport rollers can’t handle rough cobblestone or the dirt streets you find in Italy, Spain, Croatia, and most of Europe.)

You can take this bag anywhere and I have. Buy it here.

Danner Mountain Light Boots


These boots are gnarly in a good way and look extremely sharp in the city. I’ve had a pair of these and they are still going after six years of use in the mountains and city (I have the black pair). Danner makes great boots when most work boots are being made in (key Dr. Evil’s little finger) China by VF Corp.

You can buy the boots here.

CRYE AVS 1000 Pack


I’ve tried a dozen backpacks since I was a SEAL and this one beats them all for what it does for the size. Personally, I like a medium-small pack that won’t break my back but will fit a laptop.

This little pack by CRYE is fucking insanely good. I’m so happy with it, and for the price, it’s like a sore johnson, you just can’t beat it.

You can buy this incredible backpack here.

(I want to warn you about another backpack, one on which I spent a lot of money. I thought I’d found a great pack in the ArcTeryx ARRO 16 but when I pulled the trigger nothing happened… a total wet dud. They call it an urban pack and there’s nowhere to put an f’ng laptop and the rear zip is like a couch that eats quarters! Incredibly beautiful pack but an epic failure of functionality. Goes to show you can’t just be purdy… you have to function.)

SOFREP “Who Dares Wins” (British SAS inspired) Coffee Mug


Who doesn’t need a good coffee mug? Its handle is in the back of this photo and this is a great badass ceramic mug.

Buy it here.

Hand-rolled Cigars from my friends at the Mobile Cigar Lounge


I met Panda and Al through the veteran community in New York. They are great guys and passionate about their craft. Mention me when you talk to the guys. They should give you a discount.

You can buy the cigars here.

Cigar V Cutter


I used to think a flat-cut cigar was all there was but then I learned about the V cut (from Panda and Al, whom I mentioned above). I had my mind blown by how efficient the cut was and how it let you smoke down to the stub like a champ. Kinda like the first time you fired an M60 machine gun… love at first pull.

This little bad boy will be sure to make any man who enjoys a cigar smile.

Buy it here.

James Perse Classic Polo


I’ve been a massive James Perse fan for years. The BEST cotton you’ll encounter. I usually just stick with the basic cotton because it’s more durable and cheaper compared to the other offerings. You may think $100 is a lot for a shirt but it will last three times longer than your $40-50 comparable shirt and its cotton feels better. The James Perse cut is great for bigger guys, a problem for me and most men who have stockier builds. I own a closet full of black classic polos.

Pro-tip, you can find a lot of closeout inventory on other sites for less but you aren’t going to go wrong shopping at JP.

You can buy the shirts here.

The Armoury Sport Coat


My friend Mark Cho at the Armoury has some amazing selections. If you’re in NYC be sure to pop by and have a glass of whisky and mention my name. This brown wool sport coat is amazing and is a lifetime piece. In suits, I’ve found it’s better to own less but at a higher quality. I have an incredible custom sport coat by Mark’s team in Japan and it’s a favorite of mine. They let me add all sorts of hidden pockets and features. If the price tag of a suit is too much for you, consider one of their ties; they cost much less and are also of incredible quality.

You can buy the coat here.

SUREFIRE G2Z Combat Tac Light


This is a great Every Day Carry (EDC) light. I’ve been pushing pocket tac lights for years as one of the best self-defense (take anywhere… airport, sports stadium, etc.) tools you can own. Flash blind someone in the daylight, at night the effects are longer lasting. Break contact or gain an edge and break a nose… you can’t beat Surefire for quality.

The G2Z is the most effective budget light they make and I own two.

You can buy the light here.

MagPul Cell Phone Case


MagPul makes great tactical products but I’m also a fan of these cell phone cases. They make it for all types of phones. Rugged, and unique (both are must-have qualities for me).

You can buy the cases here.

STEEL FEAR pre-order w/BONUS Cameo Video

Had to shamelessly promote my next book here but thought I’d do something cool for dad in the process.

Pre-order Steel Fear for Father’s Day. Send proof of purchase to my Instagram account @BrandontWebb, and I’ll send a cameo video to your dad wishing him a happy Father’s Day. Also, he’ll be eligible to attend a private Zoom call after the book releases in July.

You can order the book here.