Mike Ritland and I go way back, to when we were young SEAL training candidates, and then later at SEAL Team 3.

It’s been great to watch him develop into one of the world’s best dog trainers, having honed his skills as an elite K9 trainer for some of the top military units in the world, some we won’t discuss.

The point is, he’s taken his Special Operations dog handling and training experience and culled it all into this incredible book for dog owners everywhere. I don’t know of any other book available that has this, and that’s pretty fucking cool (yes we can say fuck on SOFREP).

I’ve already ordered a couple for my fellow dog lovers, including my own mom. I love her but still can’t believe she spent 20k on her Golden for a hip replacement! I guess Mike and I have great moms in common.

Here’s an excerpt, and please show your support for Mike by buying this book now.



I would like to dedicate this book to my mom, Sandy.