2023 Holiday Gear Guide

In this year’s holiday gear guide, we’ve taken a path less trodden. While most guides are a parade of sponsored items, mine for SOFREP is a meticulously handpicked arsenal. This isn’t just gear; it’s a collection of steadfast allies chosen for their unwavering reliability in the face of chaos.

Recognizing the challenge of finding gifts for men, who often seem to have everything, I’ve simplified your holiday mission, ladies. If it’s robust and resilient enough to meet the standards of a Navy SEAL, then rest assured, it’s more than capable of impressing and serving the man in your life. Trust this guide to offer not just products but tools of reliability and exceptional performance – a rare find in a sea of ordinary, sponsored selections from the usual suspects (cough cough, Men’s Journal).

My theme this Holiday? Reliability & Practicality.

When you’re out in the field, whether dodging metaphorical bullets in life’s daily chaos or literally in the wild, your gear can’t just be good; it needs to be damn near infallible.

I’ve picked gear that won’t whimper under pressure, equipment that stands as your unwavering ally in the face of adversity. Because, let’s face it, when the going gets tough, the tough better turn pro, and your gear should, too.

This holiday season, arm your man (or yourself) with tools that won’t just endure but will stand as stoic companions, laughing in the face of danger while sipping a whisky cocktail of reliability and performance.

Strap in, sinch up, belt locked, and let’s go.

London Bridge Trading Co.

Just about any pack or bag from London Bridge will have your guy squirming like a hooker in church. View the collection here. 

A favorite that I asked my family for is the 22L Pack in Arid Frog Camo.


Surefire Tactical P2X Fury Tactical Flashlight

FURY Dual Fuel Tactical

I shot this in Megan Kelley’s face live on FOX News as an example of how this light is like having a piece of the sun in your pocket!

It will blind in the daylight and is an excellent self-defense tool you can take ANYWHERE without problem.

Around $200

Buy here. 

Bullet Proof Insert for Men’s pack or briefcase by CITIZEN 

Aegis Backpack Inserts - S (7”x 10”) / Standard IIIA -

Starting at $116.00

Buy here. 

Emerson Commander Knife

$285 and worth it!

One of the best knives money can buy. Check it out here. 

Makita XPH12R 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Drill 

Order Here

The Indestructible Patagonia 40L Black Hole Travel Bag

I’ve owned one for eight years, and it’s an incredible travel bag. I’ve tried them all, including those fancy Rimowa bags that look pretty but can’t shoot straight.

$359 at Patogonia’s site here. 

Omega/Swatch Collab Speedmaster Watch

These are just plain badassery. I own a real Omega Speedmaster and still love these. It is one of the most successful collaborations in a long time. Iconic design in an affordable watch.

$270 at Swatch’s site.

Buzz Rickson’s Tank Jacket


Any man who doesn’t want this should consider a pronoun change.

$450 at various retailers. Here’s the official site.

Leatherman Skeletal

Compact and about everything you need when the lights go out unexpectedly.

Available on Leatherman’s site here.

Buzz Rickson’s Wool 1941 Navy Watch Cap


$70 on Buzz Rickson’s site. 

Tanner Goods Drifter Dopp Kit (I’ve owned one for 6 years and still going strong)


Buy here

Springfield Armory M1A Air Rifle from Pyramyd AIR (Real Men use them! My friend won a gold medal using one to hone his skills.)



A great, affordable way to channel your inner sniper in the backyard, basement, or garage.

$159 at Pyramyd’s site (Note: They’re a SOFREP 300 Sponsor. Use code: SOFREP for a discount)