2023 Holiday Gear Guide

In this year’s holiday gear guide, we’ve taken a path less trodden. While most guides are a parade of sponsored items, mine for SOFREP is a meticulously handpicked arsenal. This isn’t just gear; it’s a collection of steadfast allies chosen for their unwavering reliability in the face of chaos.

Recognizing the challenge of finding gifts for men, who often seem to have everything, I’ve simplified your holiday mission, ladies. If it’s robust and resilient enough to meet the standards of a Navy SEAL, then rest assured, it’s more than capable of impressing and serving the man in your life. Trust this guide to offer not just products but tools of reliability and exceptional performance – a rare find in a sea of ordinary, sponsored selections from the usual suspects (cough cough, Men’s Journal).

My theme this Holiday? Reliability & Practicality.

When you’re out in the field, whether dodging metaphorical bullets in life’s daily chaos or literally in the wild, your gear can’t just be good; it needs to be damn near infallible.