Killing and terrorizing innocent people appears to be the new fad of the mentally disturbed America. So we tune in once again but continue to do relatively nothing to protect ourselves and children from these crazed maniacs. We do more to prevent weapons and bombs on planes then we do on school campuses.

And so another mentally ill man walked into a school and murdered 26 innocent people, worst of all most of them were children under the age of ten. How can we prevent this from happening in the future? What technologies are there that can help? How can we educate ourselves on prevention? Why are we not putting political pressure on our elected officials to provide meaningful solutions rather than sympathetic media sound bytes and pounding the anti-gun war drums? All good questions to ask.

how to survive an active shooter-sofrep

There’s so many lessons learned in the Special Operations community that can be applied to everyday life. After the Aurora shooting I was inspired to write a short e-book with tips on how to survive an active shooter.

Recently I learned about the Newton tragedy while on vacation in Africa, and as a father myself (with kids in elementary school) I wanted to write something that would provide solutions.  I decided to take a quick survey of former SEAL teammates, many of them now work in tier one corporate security, I asked them what their thoughts were.

Here’s what we came up with.

1. It Takes A Village

Right away, parents and teachers in local schools can start a School Watch.  It would be a voluntary program augmented by parents. More adult eyes, ears, and cell phones around schools can only help and likely push predators away. Educating teachers on how to deal with active shooters is also key. Creating and implementing a standardized system of awareness

2. Leverage Technology

Expensive? How much is your child’s life worth? I don’t know of any community that wouldn’t support their local school in raising outside funds to purchase some technology that could provide an early warning. Several examples are: