So I would sleep with my bullet. It was the one thing I could control. Every night, I took that single round to bed with me and slept with it like a long-lost lover.

The first day, I missed my shot. The second day, I missed my shot. I never missed again.

Today, more than a decade-and-a-half later, I still wake up every morning with the sense that I’ve got that single live .300 Win Mag round under my pillow. You might see me in a coffee shop in SoHo, or boarding an early flight at JFK, or heading into some Manhattan TV studio to do a morning interview on the latest foreign policy development. But in my mind, I’m out on that range getting ready to put my single round into the center of that target.

My parents used to say, if you’re going to do something, make the effort to do it right the first time. Cold bore taught me that the first time may be the only chance you get. You don’t always get to warm up. You don’t always get to take practice shots. Neither you can always recover from a first-shot miss.

This is why you need to operate your business with a front-sight focus. Every day you may be called upon to make a decision that will make or break your business, even your career. Every day, you may be presented with conditions you aren’t prepared for, situations you haven’t predicted, choices you don’t have time to think through. Situations where you have one round to fire, and only one round, and cannot afford to miss.

Even on those days when those high-stakes challenges don’t present themselves, if you operate in a way that anticipates them, if you go through your day with that single bullet in your pocket, you’ll be operating at a level that sets you apart and primes you for success.

Embrace a State of Healthy Obsession

Putting a copper-jacketed high-speed sniper round into a target at one thousand yards — 10 football fields away, far enough that you can barely see it with the naked eye — is an extremely complex task. Between the point of release and point of contact, there is an enormous number of physical and environmental factors that mess with your round’s flight path.

Wind currents pulling it right or left. Air friction slowing it down. Gravity dragging it downward. Furthermore, the time of day how hot or cool it is outside will impact the round’s velocity as it spits out the end of the barrel. In turn, this will impact the shape of its arc as it travels. A spinning object’s natural tendency to precess after a while — the way a spinning top will start to wobble as it slows, then spin out and fall — applies to a spiraling rifle bullet, too. In some cases, even the earth’s spin can have an impact on exactly where that round hits when it reaches the thousand-yard mark.

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