How many of us have heard someone at a party say, “I’m just not good at remembering names?” We become what we tell ourselves internally. This is called, “self-talk,” and there’s good self-talk and there’s bad self-talk. Think your bad at remembering names, declare it to the world, and no surprise you’ll be exactly what you say to yourself.

“I’m not good with numbers.”

“Never been good at speaking to an audience.”

“I’m terrified of flying.”

“I’m just not good at relationships.”

“I’m not a good business person.”

And the list goes on…

Before you start sweating like Trump at a BLM rally, the good news is that we can fix our self-talk for the better. The key is to develop positive habits that affect change and identify the negative self-talk we want to fix. I’ll share a personal story with you about my first time shooting during the Navy SEAL Tactical Training course, STT… or at least that’s what they used to call it.