The concept behind the Barrett MRAD system is that it provides the shooter with an adaptable modular shooting platform.

I did quite a few sniper patrols in northern Afghanistan with my sniper partner in early 2002 and there were quite a few enemy engagements where the .338 Lapua would have come in handy for both of us.

We sighted a lot of Taliban and al-Qaeda members between 1,200-2,000 meters along the border of Pakistan but they were just out of reach of our .300 Winmag bolt-action rifles. I had to settle for calling in close air support air on most of these instances but what I wouldn’t give to go back in time and have the MRAD on patrol! In fact, I don’t know of any sniper that wouldn’t want a Barret MRAD in their toolbox.

A Pro, an Amateur, and the Barret MRAD at the Range

I took the rifle back to just under 800 yards and it was shooting very flat and accurate. I was punching steel silhouettes dead center and taking headshots at this distance with a two-minute wind hold on the Mil-Dot scope. I also had my female friend Sally Lyndley with me to take pictures. She has zero shooting experience and I had her on steel at 500 yards consistently and she was very comfortable using the rifle.

This speaks highly of the Barrett MRAD system for two big reasons. Firstly, because I reconfigured the rifle for a female shooter in under a minute, and secondly because a beginner held on target consistently at 500 yards with no complaints. I wrapped up at 800 yards out of ammo and very satisfied with the rifle.

Post-shooting, the MRAD is very easy to break down and clean. Access to the trigger housing assembly and lower/upper receiver is very simple with detailed step-by-step instructions provided in the operator’s manual.

The Final Verdict

The Barrett MRAD system is an extremely well-made rifle. Its manufacturing quality is superb and it sports an elegant and minimalistic design. These are both aspects that other U.S. manufacturers should pay attention to and learn from if they want to stay competitive in the market.

Further, it can be reconfigured to a variety of different calibers depending on the mission or application.

My only complaint with the Barrett MRAD is that it has a few feeding issues. Nevertheless, Barrett did a great job with the MRAD.

The MRAD is a very well-made rifle and was a pleasure to shoot. It will make a great addition to any sniper’s quiver as well as find its place in the long-range shooting enthusiast collection.