“Nothing tests the mettle of a former Navy SEAL quite like a trip to the nail salon, I discovered, when my lovely daughter dragged me in for a pedicure. The young woman handling my feet, which by the way, have scaled more mountains than a mountain goat with wanderlust, gives them a once-over and says, ‘Oh honey, this should’ve been a code red situation months ago.’ Let me tell you, years of hardcore SEAL training, and none of it could shield me from the sheer embarrassment of being told by a woman armed with a nail file that my feet were as crusty as a stale loaf of bread.”

“Now, we SEALs are tough. We’ve weathered the harshest storms and toughest terrains, but nothing, I mean nothing, compares to sitting defenseless in that vibrating chair as a petite woman attacks your calluses like she’s doing some kind of archaeological dig. I’ve survived Hell Week, but this lady, with her determined face and her cheese grater of doom, made me contemplate tapping out.”

“And let me tell you, in the SEALs, we learn that our bodies are our weapons. After this pedicure though, I reckon my feet are more like sparkling beacons of tranquility. Shiny, polished, smoother than a pick-up line from James Bond. I mean, who needs a flashbang when you’ve got toenails that could blind an enemy with their shine? ‘Stand down, or I’ll… mesmerize you with my high-gloss pedicure!'”