A lot of people have been reaching out asking me my opinion about the recent drama between Navy SEALs David Goggins and Dan Crenshaw.

The SITREP is this.

Goggins was upset that Crenshaw called him out for a lackluster SEAL career and Crenshaw was upset for being called out by Goggins for contradicting himself in asking Goggins for a supportive quote (we call these blurbs) to go on the back of Crenshaw’s book.

There’s more to it but you can smell the tri-tip I’m cooking on the barbeque.

I have never served with either Dan or David but I know who they are and I know both served honorably in the Navy and the SEAL Teams.

That should be the end of it for anyone that hasn’t earned the right to wear the SEAL Trident.

Nitpicking deployment cycles, how many bad guys you smoked vs the other guy, and who can do more push-ups is like bragging about changing your pronouns and what’s the point of that?

I’ve had my own share of Team Guy drama driven by jealousy so can personally relate to what these guys are dealing with and how the internet thrives on SEAL vs. SEAL.

Like Porn Hub, people just can’t get enough.

Every professional community has its bad rounds, the SEAL Teams are no different, but these two gents are good guys.

And it’s a loss for the community as a whole when I see good men being drug through the Hell Week mud pits by the internet trolls who feed on SEAL drama as fungus feeds on humanity in, The Last of Us.

Even worse when the same two guys start directing fire at each other’s positions.

My only opinion on this issue, which embarrassingly happens quite often, is that the Naval Special Warfare Command should really put some effort into developing a robust and professional alumni network that creates a centralized channel of communication and support for the SEAL community.

We currently have nothing with the exception of an annual reunion which is more of a drinking and fighting club than anything supportive. And fucking believe me, there are plenty of great SEALs that are struggling financially, physically, and mentally on the outside that could use this kind of support.

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It’s similar to what happened to Phelps after leaving the Olympic arena, “Now what the hell do I do?”

A SEAL alumni network would also open a swim lane for the community to resolve internal issues professionally as opposed to tackling these issues in a YouTube cage match.

It could also be a forum for WARCOM to discuss its own concerns around public information (what to talk and not talk about) for Navy SEALs on the outside.

Let me be clear on this. We have ZERO support once we leave the compound. And leaving the SEAL community for civilian life is a lot like the opening scene of, The Martian, when Matt Damon realizes the crew has blasted off back to Earth without him and it’s on him to survive on the cold planet, alone.

Navy Special Warfare Command could instead have a proactive communication and support strategy as opposed to a reactive one.

I still remember hearing from my WARCOM friend that witnessed a PowerPoint slide show with Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, and myself apparently trying to address the community’s SEALs gone wild in the media problem.

An official and professional alumni network supported by WARCOM would go a long way to ensuring the community is supported better and better aligned on external communication.

As far as Crenshaw and Goggins go? Both are good guys that need to get themselves off the X.

I hope both men can come together to find common ground and continue to represent the best our community has to offer and not dwell on the worst.

Good luck in Congress Dan, we need more like you.

Keep on motivating David, America needs a positive kick in the ass more than ever.

And for the Team Guys reading this who are transitioning to civilian life, just remember these wise words from the famous philosopher Jack Handy.

“When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.”

Out here.