A lot of people have been reaching out asking me my opinion about the recent drama between Navy SEALs David Goggins and Dan Crenshaw.

The SITREP is this.

Goggins was upset that Crenshaw called him out for a lackluster SEAL career and Crenshaw was upset for being called out by Goggins for contradicting himself in asking Goggins for a supportive quote (we call these blurbs) to go on the back of Crenshaw’s book.

There’s more to it but you can smell the tri-tip I’m cooking on the barbeque.

I have never served with either Dan or David but I know who they are and I know both served honorably in the Navy and the SEAL Teams.

That should be the end of it for anyone that hasn’t earned the right to wear the SEAL Trident.

Nitpicking deployment cycles, how many bad guys you smoked vs the other guy, and who can do more push-ups is like bragging about changing your pronouns and what’s the point of that?

I’ve had my own share of Team Guy drama driven by jealousy so can personally relate to what these guys are dealing with and how the internet thrives on SEAL vs. SEAL.