In the past decade we’ve seen the US Navy SEALs elevated to role model status in the main stream media, and entertainment industry. This is largely because of a recruitment drive by the US Navy, and the Naval Special Warfare Command (WARCOM). Cooperating with Hollywood feature films like “Act of Valor” and “Lone Survivor”, both sanctioned projects has now resulted in a media Godzilla that is running rampant, out of control, and has WARCOM watching their monster nervously from afar.

The SEAL community now faces the same risk, scrutiny, and consequences that have plagued professional sports athletes idolized by American youth, and then subsequently fallen from grace. Perhaps WARCOM can learn something from Nike’s infamous commercial, “I’m Not A Role Model” featuring basketball legend Charles Barkley.

I’m not a role model

I’m not paid to be a role model

I’m paid to wreak havoc….