I had several conversations with high ranking Navy SEALs over the weekend, and SOFREP was informed that the current draft pool of SEAL candidates would include women this year. There was also fierce resistance against caving to female quotas delivered from the top down from what we were told about high level discussions that took place on the subject.

Presently all SEAL candidates are put into a draft pool, and only the very best are selected to begin Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, CA. Students are selected for their high academic and physical fitness scores.

The standards are staying the same, and the packages in the draft pool will be made asexual., one SEAL told SOFREP.

When one high ranking SEAL was asked about his feelings surrounding the controversial topic of integrating women into the community he had this to say, “If they can meet the same standard, bring it.”


The first women will be integrated into the draft pool this year but given the nature of the high failure rate (90% on average), it could be some time before we see the first female SEAL checking on board a SEAL Team. However, now, it’s not if but when it happens.