I was talking with my Navy Dentist contact Melissa and she opened my eyes up to the secretive and elite world of Navy Dentistry.  Once you read below I think you’ll realize that they are BA in their own right.  So….


Navy SEALs or Navy Dentists?  You decide who’s more elite….

Navy SEALs Navy Dentists
Shoot people in the face Shoot people in the face w/ local anesthesia
Throats slashed (Somalia Pirates 2011) Cut throats via surgical incisions
Put people to sleep (permanently) IVCS-intravenous conscious sedation
Presence elicits fear Odontophobia (fear of dentists–on some top ten fear lists)
Mask up to scare bad guys Masks, surgical caps, gowns, gloves (see Odontophobia)
Waterboarding (did I just say that out loud?) Use a ton of water for work/torture (love gaggers)
Large assortment of weapons & gear
Lasers, scopes, eyewear, etc.
Ability to take out squirters They love the squirter (e.g. squirmer)!
Perform extractions Teeth, of course
Use stun grenades Use nitrous oxide
Elite group: Less than 1,900 active duty Elite group: Less than 1,100 Navy dentists

Need I say more?

So who’s more elite??? Share you thoughts via comments below.

-Brandon (BUD/S 215)