In a startling reversal of fortune for retired U.S. Navy Admiral (SEAL) Brian Losey, a little-heralded Navy office, alongside former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, together defied Congress and reversed a ruling by the Department of Defense inspector general in stating that Losey was unfairly treated in an IG investigation that concluded that he had punished whistleblowers under his command.

As a result, Losey will receive back pay and a higher pension, calculated based on his higher retirement rank.  He will not re-enter the Navy, but will remain retired as a two-star Admiral.

Here is a review of how we got here, based on reports in the Washington Post, which also first reported on the reversal:

In June 2011, Losey was assigned to head U.S. Special Operations Command Africa, which was located in Stuttgart, Germany (I know, that’s illogical, but whatever).