“They’re Not In Hollywood Anymore”, The NBC Tag Line Goes… SOFREP Says That Fat, Drunk And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life NBC.

WARNING: This is an extremely biased and candid review based on previews alone, and previous knowledge of the crap ethics of Hollywood.

As if their shitty coverage of the Olympics wasn’t enough, NBC has graced us with this gem.  The cheesy tag line betrays itself, they never left Hollywood, just the confines of a tasteful militaristic production. But maybe that’s the new Hollywood norm these days. And who I am to judge?

In a sea of “staged” reality shows, NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes is like the plastic flotilla of waste in the Pacific, best not seen if given the choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good studios and networks in Hollywood doing the military and Special Operations community justice (Like Bandito Brothers and the Navy SEAL movie Act of Valor)  but this show isn’t an exception.

My own friend and Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is featured on the show and the only reason I’m wading through the shit swamp production is to watch, and give him a hard time.

Update: Just received Comms from Chris, he said that he did the show to highlight the Vets. A damn good cause IMO and many props to Chris and a solid cast of Operators. Good on the Operators for representing their communities and raising awareness for vets.  However, in my opinion NBC has historically not been very Military or gun friendly, unless it comes to making ratings and more $$ of course.

Admittedly I’ve been personally tainted. I’ve experienced too many, “We’ll make you famous if you just give us access to information and some of your friends..”, speeches. Add to the list of Hollywood production good deeds is that my friends and I got stiffed by a NATGEO production company a few years back (Hunting Pirates). It’s why I decided to produce our own content on SOFREP TV and SOFREP Radio.  Our own content, on our own terms and legitimate.

Unsurprisingly we’ve had quite a few anonymous sources tell us that a lot of these shows have their integrity carved out like heart surgery in the edit room.  The show Top Shot was infamous for fixing their competitions. Shsssh…