NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) is aggressively interviewing active and former Navy SEALs for their ongoing criminal investigation into Matt Bissonette, the author of No Easy Day, penned under the name Mark Owen.

The investigation has created a massive stir among the SEAL community. Rumors and accusations are flying on social media forums, lines in the sand have been drawn and friendships have ended. I’ve seen and experienced this personally as a result of the recent NCIS probe resulting from publication of No Easy Day.

One popular rumor floating around the SEAL community over the past few weeks—and the main reason we made the decision to publish this article—is that SOFREP is somehow connected to the current NCIS investigation. I can assure you this is false.  The DOD, US SOCOM, and the Justice Department have been aggressively pursuing the author at all angles since No Easy Day was published.

“The department continues to assert forcefully that Mark Owen breached his legal obligations by publishing the book without pre-publication review and clearance,” a Pentagon spokesman said. “Settlement negotiations continue with an intent to pursue litigation if talks break down.” –Courtesy FP