Chief of the British General Staff General Sir Carleton-Smith said the new British Ranger Regiment will be “matching brainpower with firepower, data, and software with hardware.” He added that the British Rangers would act as the interface between conventional and special forces.

“We’re going to build on the success of our specialized infantry battalions… and take it to the next step, which is to convert an infantry capability into a specialized whole-army capability.”

“As part of that trajectory, one will see a rebalancing of outputs between tier-one special forces and Army special forces, of which the Ranger Regiment is the prime,” he added during a visit to Ft. Bragg.

While meeting with U.S. Special Operations commanders, Sir Carleton-Smith said, “The world is becoming more complicated and one of the implications for the [British] Army is that there’s a greater demand for… not just special forces but specialist capabilities.”