Watches Developed With the Help of SEALs

I have to admit I’ve been a serious Luminox watch fan for a long time. I was fortunate enough to have obtained one of their first models around 1994, and I wore it for the remaining ten years of my military career. Our medical sergeant turned me on to them, explaining that they were highly rugged, waterproof, and, best of all, had tritium tubes at all of the indices that glowed on their own at night; no need to “charge” them, they kept their glow for 25 years. What closed the deal is that they had a glowing tritium tube on the second hand, and that allowed him to take someone’s pulse in total darkness. Precision timing in the dark…I was sold. So, I bought one, used it in almost any imaginable situation, and the thing never wore out.

Well, that’s not 100% true. In 2017 I noticed that the bezel (the ring that rotates around the face of the watch) was cracked. I called the company about getting a new one and started telling them my story. Long story short, I ended up talking with the man in Switzerland who owned the company. Did I mention these are Swiss watches? He found my story so interesting that he asked if I’d send him my watch to be included in a collection in the company museum in Switzerland. In return, he’d send a new one. I hated to let old faithful go, but I did, and they kept their promise and sent me a brand new ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) diving watch. It’s part of my regular rotation when I need something rugged. They also included my story and photo in their trade publication, Luminox Times, making me a quasi-official brand ambassador.

Back in the early 90s, now-retired Navy SEAL Nick North (featured in the video below) with heavily involved with the research and development of new equipment for the Teams. He was approached at that time by Luminox and asked to put their new watch through the paces. As the story goes, after testing a variety of brands under the harshest of conditions, Luminox with the only one still functioning at the end of the evaluation period. Today, Nick is still going strong, and here he discusses the SEAL mantra, “The only easy day was yesterday.”