I wanted to introduce myself to all of the SOFREP readers out there. I am excited to join SOFREP as the new managing editor! My goals are to continue bringing you articles and news that are relevant and on target. Additionally, I hope to bring you some different perspectives and analysis on current events. You will see articles from me daily. Finally, I will also be filling in for Jack when he is overseas or on assignment.

Now a little bit about my background…

I am a former Army veteran, having served 11 years as a military intelligence officer and (prior to OCS) as a combat medic in the Texas Army National Guard. For the majority of my career I was on active duty with the guard. I have been on two deployments. My first deployment was 18 months spent in Kosovo in 2005. During this deployment, most of my experience was involved in intelligence-asset deployment operations and intelligence operational planning as a G2 battle captain.

In 2008, I completed my degree in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Texas in Austin. This degree attracted me the most because I felt the need, as an intelligence officer, to give my commanders the most accurate information possible to help them make the best possible decisions. I enjoy studying the Middle East because of its rich history and the fact that it is the birthplace of three of the biggest world religions. Most of my studies were concentrated on Islam and Arab culture. I only studied Arabic for two years, so I am in the elementary level for reading, writing, and speaking, all of which comes with a slight Texan accent.