It’s Navy SEAL overload this winter, at least on both the big and small screens.  As we recently reported here on SOFREP, a new SEAL movie will release on Super Bowl weekend of 2017.  It now looks like we can add a SEAL television show to that mix.

As reported way back in early 2016, The History Channel is producing a scripted television show about the now-well known Navy SEAL unit, SEAL Team SIX, which is conveniently enough entitled, “Six.”  The show was originally set to debut back in the summer of 2016, but apparently one of the lead actors had to pull out of the project due to unspecified health issues.  The show is now officially set to debut on January 18, 2017, per The History Channel.

According to an article from Entertainment Weekly, Harvey Weinstein, of The Weinstein Company, teamed up with “Apollo 13” and “Jarhead” writer William Broyles and The History Channel to produce and write the show.  It will feature eight episodes in its first season, premiering in January.  David Broyles, the son of William, is also reportedly writing some of the episodes alongside his father.  David is reportedly a Special Operations veteran, though it is unclear in what capacity he served.

The new SEAL-based show is reported to be based upon “actual” SEAL Team SIX missions, presumably those reported on in the news media, combined with those that former SEAL and the show’s technical advisor Mitchell Hall is able to talk about with the show runners.  Hall also served as an advisor to “Zero Dark Thirty,” the film which very loosely chronicled the CIAs hunt for Usama Bin Ladin, and the Special Operations mission into Pakistan that ultimately resulted in Bin Ladin’s death.