What is Modern Warfare Week?

Modern Warfare Week, held from November 13-16, 2023, in Fayetteville, NC, was a significant event on the military calendar. The Global SOF Foundation and the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) organized this event as a central convergence point for the special operations forces (SOF) community.

Last year, the event brought together more than 850 participants, including many military and government representatives. The 2023 edition was just as impactful, if not more. It’s a comprehensive program featuring a Demo Day, the Modern Warfare Symposium, and an Expo, providing a multifaceted platform for deep discussions and learning.

The range of topics on the table was both broad and relevant. Discussions delved into critical issues such as lessons learned from the Ukraine conflict, the Army’s role in irregular warfare, insights from MACV-SOG relevant to today’s forces, and emerging challenges like deep fakes and autonomous robotics. There was also a strong focus on talent recruitment and retention, which is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving military landscape.

Modern Warfare Week is a hub for thought leadership, where the future of warfare and strategy is debated and shaped by those at the forefront of military operations. It’s about preparing for the challenges ahead, sharing knowledge, and building a solid network within the SOF community.

Highlighted  Gear/Weapons

What would a special operations forces gathering be without highlighting the latest and greatest in innovative gear and weaponry? Here are a couple of our pics for the most interesting of the bunch.

Blue Halo Virtual Stinger Trainer (VST)

According to the manufacturer,

“VST™ provides Stinger Team, Leader & Gunner, operational and tactical training within a 360° immersive, realistic battlefield environment, including visual aircraft recognition (VACR). The VST instructor station provides a section of training scenarios with varying terrain, including desert, forest, or NCR, as well as moving aircraft targets and countermeasures. VST includes a detailed after-action report (AAR) and scoring presentation of Gunner actions.”