Since SOFREP went live in 2011, we have maintained a fairly small team of writers on deck and paid them per month. After having some internal conversations, we realized that this is limiting both our writers and the website. Furthermore, it prevents yours truly from accepting paid contributions from many highly qualified individuals in the SOF and intelligence community.

From here on out, we will be accepting freelancer submissions in which we will pay the writer for each article accepted. In other words, send me your article pitch, and if I like it, you get the green light. Once it is written and accepted for publication, we’ll hit you up on Paypal or whatever you like. SOFREP has had many guest contributors over the years, and we think this model will allow us to get everyone paid for their work, rather than just keeping a small staff of paid writers and accepting pro bono articles from everyone else.

The same rules apply for writers as before: We’re looking for guys who have a background in special operations, to include foreign and allied units, as well as those from the intelligence community. Any exceptions to that rule will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Also, don’t send me a bunch of emails asking what I want you to write.  We won’t hold your hand and build a job for you.  It is your responsibility to do some research on SOFREP, understand who we are and what we publish, and then come up with some creative story ideas to pitch.

Let the games begin.