Initial information that I’ve gotten is that this 5th Group soldier shot the guy who was cheating with his wife, the police got called in, he shoots one and takes the rest hostage.  Clarksville Police Department surrounds the place and fires tear gas into the apartment until he surrenders.  Developing…

CLARKSVILLE, TENN.— A Clarksville man has been booked in the Montgomery County Jail in the Clarksville shooting on Quicksilver Court that left a man dead and an officer wounded.

Benjamin Kyle Schweitzer, 25, whose employment was listed as the “U.S. Army” is charged with one count of homicide and is being held on no bond.

According to a warrant signed by Special Agent Haidy Grisby of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, at 10:45 a.m. Thursday, a woman at 3389 Quicksilver Court called 911 and said a man was trying to get in her door.

The man, identified as Frederick Nicholas Moses, was covered in blood. Moses was also a US soldier and was identified by his supervisor as a sergeant.

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