The recent Fox News debacle (e.g., Tucker) pales in comparison to the mostly liberal news outlets, manipulation practices that have become more and more prevalent in the age of the internet and the rise of 24-hour news.

There is also the issue of the exponentially increasing Artificial Intelligence tools that can, and are, being used to fake videos, voices, and images.

Side note: Think what the CIA and NSA could do with this. Then think about what Russia and China could do to manipulate elections and sway public opinion. Something both countries’ intelligence apparatuses are already experts at.

The question of fact or fiction is a big problem coming to major news outlets.

If news organizations are not using artificial intelligence tools aggressively, they will suffer the same fate as the horse and buggy did with the advent of the automobile.

This is why SOFREP has embraced AI tools to fact-check and even write from time to time.

Big desk news editors and their human journalists will find it increasingly harder to tell the difference between fact and fiction on the internet, with State actors using deep fakes to jump-start the viral Google algorithms. And we’re just getting started…

It’s easy to point all the guns at FOX, but most of these news organizations have no moral bunker to hide behind, so let’s direct effective fire to make a point.

To understand how we’ve gotten to the point where Americans don’t trust their news take a look at this sample list of American news outlets trimming the lawn to their liking.

It’s clear why the American public has become disenfranchised by big news media.

Exercise: Use ChatGPT4 to find content on all

News Manipulation In Action

  • CBS News manipulating footage of COVID-19 testing line:
  • ABC News airing footage of a Kentucky gun range during a report on Turkish military strikes in Syria:
  • The New York Times ignoring Hunter Biden’s laptop:
  • NBC News editing the 911 call made by George Zimmerman:
  • CNN selectively edited a clip of Donald Trump’s speech:
  • Fox News editing footage of the Seattle demonstration:
  • The New York Times selectively edited a quote by Sarah Sanders:
  • MSNBC selectively edited the video of Bernie Sanders’ speech
  • Breitbart News selectively edited a video of Barack Obama’s speech

This obviously fake image of President Biden holding an RPG was put on a billboard by a former PA state senator. Cropped image from York Daily RecordSummary

As we enter a likely cage match between Trump and Biden in 2024, The New York Times and other mainstream media will find it very hard to ignore the Biden family’s financial ties to China and Ukraine, which will surely be exploited by Trump’s team.

Fake CIA officer Wayne Simmons pleads guilty to fraud charges

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This is a problem for President Biden because nothing seems to stick to Trump and he’s no stranger to legal maneuvering. The Democrats ensured Trump’s run in 2024 when they weaponized the US legal system against him.

Lines have been drawn, sides have been chosen, and now it’s up to the American public to hold these organizations (not just FOX News) accountable or stop reading, sharing, listening, and watching.

Either way, it’s very clear why America and most of the world continue not to trust big news outlets who have turned to news & infotainment in the interest of driving advertising clicks and rallying their respective lynch mobs rather than practicing true journalism.